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Lilac Sasson

Art and Teaching: the material of art and life in transformative embrace

The studio is a place of infinitely possible encounters between collections of images (objects, photographs, books…) and a variety of materials. The images contain stories, ideas, feelings, and also a puzzling aspect that opens spaces and questions. Within these spaces, materials become presences nourishing fissures, both directly and metaphorically, facilitating renewed realization of images, phoenixes born of residues and hints. The materials selected are characterized by a range of qualities that are chemical, physical, visual, associative, sensual, cultural, and emotional. The artworks give these materials new contexts together with the images and emphasize their transformative potential within the gaze of the observer.

Teaching is a space of active encounter between the language of art and its students and instructors, who bring with them a wide range of attitudes, opinions, feelings, and identities. This meeting between the materials of life and art, represented in the various artworks, also becomes an infinite network of creative possibilities forging new fields of knowledge, whose questions and cracks open foundations for paths toward seeing, discourse, and creativity.

In the processes of teaching and learning, as in those of artistic creation and studio work, there is the transformative potential of ideas, feelings and insights being born; identities developing; and reciprocities formed and deepened.


Photography:  Yoram Lehmann, Eyal Perry
Translation: Nita Schechet
My right hand man: Eli Sasson
Site Design and Programming: Anya Hayat